End Slavery


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Well, friends! It has been a few months since I wrote a blog post. The last time I wrote was during my first month in Italy at Incarnate School of Art & Mission! God has done so many wonderful things in my heart and mind through being in Italy. It will take me several blog posts to unpack all the different facets of my three months overseas, so let’s get started with the first one 🙂

During my time in Italy with Operation Mobilization Arts, one thing that all of us artists at Incarnate were required to do was have studio time each week. In this studio time, we were required to write music that either told a story of people that we had been talking to, or focused on a specific aspect of what the Lord was teaching us that week/month. Each of these pieces had to be performed in front of the rest of the school. I love to use music to tell stories and I love getting to share them with others!

About 4 months before going to Incarnate, I sensed the Lord telling me to write a piece of music that told a story from the perspective of a woman trapped in human trafficking/prostitution. The song is called, “Sparrow.” When I arrived at Incarnate, I performed the piece for our school portfolio share. I had no idea that Operation Mobilization had a specific ministry dedicated to raising awareness about sex slavery. This ministry is called, “The Freedom Challenge.” Over the course of the 2 months following my portfolio share, I got together with some of the leaders in OM Arts and we began forming an idea. The idea was that we would record “Sparrow”and make it into a music video, using footage from some of the OM teams that work with oppressed women. While in Italy, I recorded the video portion of the song, and will be recording the music for it in a few short months! This song will be used to raise awareness about human trafficking and to also call churches and believers to make a difference in the lives of the desolate.

“The Freedom Challenge” is a ministry of OM that provides ordinary people, like you an me to participate in what God is doing in the world of freeing slaves.


The following is an excerpt provided by “The Freedom Challenge.”


5 Reasons We Should Fight for the Freedom of Enslaved Women


By 1888, all countries had officially abolished participation in the transatlantic slave trade.

But, slavery still exists.

In fact, there are 30,000,000 slaves worldwide.

80 percent of them are women.


That means there are 24,000,000 women and children that have been forced into labor or indentured servitude; or that have been trafficked and sold; or that have been forced into marriage as a child bride.

24,000,000 women like us are told their lives belong to someone else.

24,000,000 women like us live without hope.


This. Should. Not. Be. Reality.


The truth is..

1. Women are made in the image of God. “God created mankind in His own image, male and female, He created them” (Genesis 1:27). We were created to be creative, purposeful, spiritual, intelligent, relational, moral beings.

2. Women are the hub of family and community. Whether women are breadwinners, co-breadwinners or stay-at-home moms, their role in the family is substantial. Mothers are the emotional backbones of the family. This is more than just a nice thought. Study after study has shown that a woman has tremendous impact on her family, affecting everything from the healthcare to academic performance of her children.

3. The enslavement of women (and all humans) is against God’s plan. When Jesus died for us, He gave us freedom from the slavery of sin. As freed slaves, it is our job to “set at liberty those who are oppressed” (Luke 4:18). Enslavement destroys the very humans created in God’s image. Enslavement kills human potential.

4. Women should not be sold. Human Trafficking is a $32 billion dollar industry. To put that in perspective for us, that is 8x more than the biggest company of the Inc. 5000 list in 2015.

5. Women are in crisis globally. Imagine every woman in America ages 18-24 was enslaved. Now add the entire population of New Zealand to that number… and the entire population of Jamaica…and the entire population of Fiji. That’s how many women are enslaved worldwide. Does that break your heart like it does mine?


We can do something about this. We can tackle this problem as a church. We can join movements like The Freedom Challenge to raise funds and awareness. We can free women together. We can provide restoration to women together. We can challenge ourselves in the name of sisterhood and freedom.


Freedom Challenge, in conjunction with Operation Mobilization USA (OM), is on a mission to free 1 million slaves and has already raised over three million dollars for the cause to date. OM works in partnership with believers and churches around the world and that’s key.

If you’re interested in an organization of free women fighting for enslaved women, it’s an incredible example of what we can do when we work together.


Together, we can make a difference.

Join me in spreading the word!