Nothing to do…. #TruettProbz

50 random things to do if you attend Truett- McConnell College 

*Please don’t do any of these things by yourself. It is way more fun with friends 😉

1. Hike to the top of Mt. Yonah.
2. Go to the Mt. Yonah book exchange.
3. Skate at Yonah Bowl and Skate.
4. Eno hammock on the front lawn.
5. Eat fried Oreos in Helen. 
6. Buy fudge at Hanzel and Gretel.
7. Go tubing in Helen.
8. Find a guy with a big truck and go mudding.
9. Go to Cabbage patch baby land.
10. Buy some hot chocolate from the Kangaroo.
11. Swim in Dicks Creek.
12. Worship at the cross.
13. Build a bonfire somewhere……off campus so you don’t get in too much trouble.
14. Go to the hoedown. 
15. Sing whilst dancing barefoot in the rain. It rains a lot.
16. Eat at Glenda’s. 
17. Meet Glenda.
18. Hike Amicalola trail and stand at the top of the falls. 
19. Make a midnight Taco Bell run. 
20. Go yard sale-ing.
21. Go thrift shopping.
22. Eat gluten free pizza at Papas.
23. Go to the fall festival on Saturdays in September and October. 
24. Take a road trip to Moe’s in Dahlonega.
25. Go watch a jazz concert at North Georgia College.
26. Participate in TMC Singing Competition. 
27. Drive up a mountain at night and go star gazing.
28. Go to the North Georgia corn maze.
29. Go to Toccoa falls. 
30. Watch a soccer game.
31. Go to the homecoming basketball game. 
32. Watch a movie on the front lawn.
33. Find the giant rocking chair in Lula and sit in it.
34. Buy a drink at the Soda Fountain Cafe.
35. Go to Sweet Water Coffee House in Sautee.
36. Go watch a baseball game.
37. Go zip lining in Helen.
38. Go putt-putt golfing in Helen.
39. Attend the Christmas parade at the square.
40. Go to the drive in theater in Tiger, Ga.
41. Find someone with a motor cycle and go for a drive. 
42. Skip class and go to Chickfila. Because the only thing worth skipping class for is the Christian chicken. 
43. Pull an all nighter at Huddle House.
44. Hit up all the antique shops. 
45. Light floating lanterns and set them free over the mountains.
46. Shoot fireworks out of a church parking lot. (Get permission first…of course.) 
47. Find a good roof and sit on it. 
48. Take a tour of the basement. 
49. Go to the midnight breakfast.
50. Graduate.