Abortion: Violence is Not the End of the Story

Ever since hearing about 50 Million Names Project, I have wanted to show my support in whatever way possible. 50 Million Names is a grassroots campaign to collect names for the now-more-than 50,000,000 children aborted in our country. Naming these children helps heal the wounds of family members, abortionists, and of our nation. I contacted Charlotte Ostermann, founder/director of 50 Million Names about providing a short guest blog post to help spread the word about this meaningful project.-Abbey Sellers

GUEST POST by Charlotte Ostermann, founder/director of 50 Million Names.

God Brings Beauty from Ashes and Joy from Mourning


Can we take a new look at the millions of abortions and feel hope instead of despair? I think so! At 50MillionNames.org we’re collecting names for the aborted babies, and writing a new story for them!  
Violence has ended their lives, but it doesn’t have to be the end of their stories. Each time a name is given, a new story starts for a unique, unrepeatable human being. The name-giver chooses some way to honor this child – plant a tree, write a song, donate to a great cause, send flowers to grandma, serve at the soup kitchen – a concrete gesture to emphasize the reality of this little person.
We’re also praying for each baby’s relatives and abortionist. God teaches us to pray for those who hurt us, so we pray for whoever hurt this child. He tells us to ask for blessings even for our enemies, so we ask Him to bless each and every person connected to the baby we name.
This is already creating a legacy of love, an expanding ripple of blessing and healing that starts with naming each child. When you read the stories (scroll through them on our Facebook page, or on the website) you feel the pain people have experienced, see the beauty of the names and gestures they give, and realize how much we need to be connected to these children.

They aren’t just statistics, and giving them names makes that real to us!


We can feel so overwhelmed by the death toll that we become paralyzed and can’t act. When we have a chance to do one small, free, quick thing that is real and beautiful, it wakes us up. 50MillionNames.org is helping all of us wake up to hope! As we name these children, we are shedding the despair we’ve felt about the huge number of abortions. Our gestures are proclaiming to the world that violence is not the end of the story!
Please join us as we honor the babies, by giving them names. This is a grassroots, word of mouth effort (because we want giving a name always to be free of charge!) and we need lots of help getting the word out.

Fifty million thanks for your help and your prayers!


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