Bucket List: 100 things to do before I die

Here is my Bucket List…as of right this minute. 😉 

1. Jump off a bridge
2. Get motorcycle license
3. Go snowboarding
4. See a musical on Broadway
5.  Learn to dance hip hop
6.  Go door to door saying trick or treat in the spring
7.  Make someones wish come true
8.  Go to the Georgia Aquarium
9.  Go on  hot air balloon ride
10. Paintball fight
11. Learn a French song on the piano
12. Splatter paint a wall
13.  Make spaghetti tacos
14.  Lay down on a roof and watch the stars
15.  Read the Bible through in one year
16. See a shooting star
17. See the grand canyon
18. Go to the World of Coke
19. Visit all 50 states
20. Make a CD
21. Learn how to speak a foreign language fluently
22. Own a Mazda
23. Go skydiving
24. Go to London and drink tea
25. See a movie at the drive in
26. Bury a time capsule
27. Go to a planetarium
28. Visit the Stadtgeschichtliches Museum
29. Add a lock to the “lovers lock” bridge in Paris
30. Eat lasagna in Italy
31. Eat a Doughnut burger
32. Teach music professionally 
33. Study abroad
34. Live outside the U.S. for a time
35. Write a book
36. Get married
37. Teach a Bible study class
38. Get a Masters degree
39. Get my boating license 
40. Go watch a sympohony
41. Drive a Ferrari 
42. Conduct the Nutcracker ballet
43. Adopt children
44. Sew an outfit to wear
45. Kiss in the rain
46. Get henna on my hand
47. Create a cookbook
48. Take a helicopter ride
49. Start a fire without matches
50. Be a mentor
51. Write a love letter in calligraphy
52. Be able to remember peoples names 
53. Read all the books I own
54. Have a giant library
55. Eat fire
56. Be in a movie
57. Get a tattoo 
58. Learn to fence
59. Ride in a gondola
60. Have someone write a song about me
61. Take a cruise to Alaska  
62. See a volcano
63. Attend a masquerade ball
64. Fly first class
65. Float in the Dead Sea
66. Get a Caricature drawn of myself 
67. Ride the Kingda Ka rollercoaster
68. Spend the night in a “haunted” place
69. Release a floating lantern
70. Ride an Elephant
71. Sleep in a hammock 
72. Attend a color festival in India
73. Spend the new year in a different country
74. Sit on a jury
75. Complete a 365 project–take a photo a day for a year
76. Use a fake name at Starbucks
77. Own a long haired dachshund
78. Attend the Kentucky Derby
79.  Parasail
80. Own a handgun
81. Hug a baby panda in Japan
82. Go to Scotland and buy seaglass
83. Have a bonfire on the beach in California 
84. Stay in a tree house hotel
85. Name a star
86. Take a photography class
87. Throw a dart at the map and go where it lands
88. Own a black Kawasaki ninja 
89. Learn to golf
90. Rescue a kitten from a shelter
91. Attend a NASCAR race 
92. Cover the walls of my room with pictures and memories
93. See an opera 
94. Win something from the fair
95. Trace my ancestry
96. Invite a homeless person to dinner
97. Plant a garden
98. Put soap into a public fountain
99. Have a secret room in my house
100. Become a spy


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