Not much of a writer…but I figure it’s worth a try.

Last summer I read through the book of Pslams. One of the things that really stood out to me was that no matter what David was going through in his life, he always found a way to praise God. A couple of years ago I attended a worship leader conference and sat in on a song writing class. The speaker said that the key to writing songs that worship and lift God up is to not write about how we feel about Him, but rather what we know to be true. Our feelings and perception of God will change, therefore what we write about Him will vary according to our state of mind at the time. But when we write about the truths of God, about who He is, we will still be able to exalt Him during the difficult times.
That’s what I tried to do when I wrote this quote/story. Hope it encourages you! 😉 God bless ❤
“I’m spinning into His control. Trusting He won’t let me go. My enemies have surrounded me. I am broken and weary. Yet in the raging chaos it’s His voice I hear penetrating the walls I’ve built. He picks me up from my position- I’m sprawled out in defeat. When I take His hand I see clearly that I am no one and He is everything- I’m filled with courage to daily fight. Not against flesh and blood. But rebelling against the powers of this world that cause us to fall. God is the only reason I can make it out alive. In the realization of my weakness- He is made strong. He looks into my heart and says- you are my beloved. I told you there would be persecution. I never said it would be easy. There is no one on this earth that can ever want you as much as I do. Give me your whole heart. Don’t care what everyone will think. You are obeying my command- not because I force you, but because you want to. Either live unhindered, unashamed, sold out, on fire for Me- or not at all. I don’t need talk- I need action. Now is the time. Not tomorrow. Not 5 weeks from now. TODAY.
I close my eyes and say- yes Lord. I will follow you. Wherever You lead me. Have it be what You want, not what I have planned. You are the reason I’m breathing. Why should I not live every day for the cause of Christ? I am an ambassador for You. I want to shine Your light to the world.  I will give all my praise to You. In the hard times and the easy.  I want to be an instrument for You to play. I want to never cease to lift Your name to the heavens in great exaltation. I want to live for You from my inside out.”

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